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It's easy and fun to cut a fresh Christmas tree.

We have two Choose and Cut locations: Wild Rose and Waupaca. The Wild Rose farm is larger (160 acres) and has a better selection of trees for the 2014 cutting season. Waupaca is a smaller farm (44 acres) and this year has trees 10' and under.

Why cut a fresh tree? A fresh cut tree lasts longer and is fun to pick out. And cutting a tree is a fun family activity!

View our current 2014 flyer and map (A .pdf file that you can print out)

At both locations we offer:

  • Free hot apple cider from Woods Orchard in Door County.

  • Free fresh popcorn.

  • Free Tractor and Trailer rides.

  • Free boughs for decorating your home.

  • Free Tree ornament for returning families that bring their postcard.

We have free Tree Shaking, to remove all the dead needles. We have tree baling (or wrapping) available. We use a twine baler that carefully wraps a tree to a shipping diameter of only 18 inches - so it is easier to tie the tree on your vehicle and get the tree through the front door of your house.

We are DOG FRIENDLY! Bring along the family pet to help you pick out that special tree.

We are open weekends before Thanksgiving and Thursday through Sunday the weeks after Thanksgiving.

Tree Cutting Dates for 2014 at Wild Rose:
November 15-16, 22-23, and 28-30.
December 4-7, 11-14, 18-21.
Tree Cutting Dates for 2014 at Waupaca:
Weekend before Thanksgiving November 22-23.
Thanksgiving weekend, November 28-30.
December 6-7, 13-14, 20-21.

Hours: 9am to 4pm

Tree Species and Prices: (any size tree is one price)
White Spruce $25.59
White Pine $25.59
Blue Spruce $25.59
Balsam Fir $39.81
Fraser Fir $48.50
Concolor Fir (also called White Fir) $48.50 plus tax.

Method of Payment accepted: Cash, Checks (with proper id), Visa & Mastercard, Discover and debit cards.

Sizes of trees available - estimated as of 12/08/2014:

Wild Rose Tree Species
White Spruce    6'-7.5'
White Pine        6'-11'
Blue Spruce      sold out.
Balsam Fir        6'-7.5'
Fraser Fir         6'-9'
Concolor Fir     6'-9', Poor condition due to last years severe winter.
Waupaca Tree Species
White Spruce    6'-9'
White Pine        6'-8'
Blue Spruce      6-8'
Balsam Fir        6'-9'
Fraser Fir         6'-9.5'
Concolor Fir     Poor condition due to last years severe winter.

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