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Instant Pitch Remover We sell a unique product that both Tree Growers and consumers use, called Instant Pitch Remover. My father had this special chemical compound designed for his millwork factory - to soak the burned pitch off table saw blades. We found that it was an excellent solvent to use for removing sticky pitch.
Wholesale Trees & Garland 

We sell Wholesale trees, Garland

and Boughs.

Our Wholesale Christmas trees are shipped all around the Midwest.  A order can range from 25 trees to a semi truck load.
Field Workers loading our delivery truck with Wholesale Trees.
Cut Your Own Tree at Wild Rose Choose & Cut  

A Fun Outing for the Family

Cutting your own tree is a popular and growing family tradition! When you choose your tree you get to walk the entire farm and look at thousands of trees that vary in size from 6 ft to 14 ft tall. There are tractor rides and free refreshments, and a large Country Christmas Store that has lots of holiday items and ornaments.
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Cut Your Own Tree at the Waupaca Christmas Tree Farm Our Waupaca Farm is located just 2.5 miles west of Waupaca on Highway 54. There are many thousands of trees on the 45 acre farm with sizes up to 12 feet. We feature free tractor/trailer rides, Gift Store, Free Cider and Popcorn, free boughs, Wreaths and Kissing Balls.
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