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Instant Pitch Remover

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Instant Pitch Remover is a water- soluble, safety solvent that is non- flammable, non-toxic, non- corrosive, biodegradable and phosphate free. It may be used safely and effectively to remove pitch from machinery, equipment and tools. I highly recommend the pitch remover because it works safely indoors with no concern for fire, fumes, or skin irritation. (Gasoline or Kerosene can be a great fire hazard and are hard on the hands!) I use about one gallon for all my knife cleaning in a shearing season, because It works the entire season without having to refresh the solution. It works best as a soak versus a ‘spray on and wipe off’ solution. You can use Instant Pitch Remover on: Shearing Knives Hand pruner's Wreath making machines Autos and machinery that have pitch on painted surfaces. A pre-soak for clothing, work pants and chainsaw chaps. Surfaces that get pitchy - car doors & kitchen tables.   We have a Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS, available for customers that need a copy on file. To Purchase Instant Pitch Remover: 1) directly from ANR Tree Farm 2) or through an authorized distributor:    Northwoods Evergreen & Wire Company, Merrill, WI   800-377-9591,
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How we Clean Shearing Knives
1) For more than 5 knives: I fill a 5 gallon pail with solution and just put the knives in it after shearing (1 part solvent and 4 parts water). I let it sit about 1 hour and just wipe off the knives. No scrapping or chiseling! They come out sparkling clean. 2) For just a few knives: I use a sharp chisel to first scrape off the excess pitch from my shearing knives. I then soak the knives for at least a minute in a solution made up of 1 part solvent and 4 parts water. I use a 5 inch PVC pipe that is 26 inches long and capped at one end to soak the knives. I then use some coarse steel wool to quickly remove the pitch deposits, and wipe off the blade. It's now ready to be sharpened. A clean knife will keep the sharpening stones cleaner. Suggestion for Hand Pruner's: I use the same procedure for hand pruner's and hedge shears as above, but I soak them in a smaller container with a wider mouth. I can get about 8 pruner's in a coffee can with about 2 inches of solution