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Wholesale Christmas Trees

ANR Tree Farm has supplied wholesale Christmas Trees to independent retailers and service groups around the Midwest since 1981. We have many established accounts that have purchased trees from us for over 20 we know how to supply our customers with a great tree and with great service. We are a family run farm - Bruce manages the tree farm, and personally coordinates with each customer. If you want good quality personal service - then you've come to the right place. You get a high quality tree because we only tag and harvest the trees we sell, we do not broker trees. We shear our trees during the summer and fall months. We start the tagging in early September after the growth has hardened off and the new needles have reached maturity. The trees are cut in early November with chainsaws, baled with Howey twine balers, and loaded to a common shipping yard. We try to cut the tree, bale it and get it to the loading area the same day to insure freshness.
more info more info One of our wreath workers holding a 36" Fraser Fir Wreath Boughs are harvested and tied in 40 pound bundles.

Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir


All of our wreaths are hand made` using the clamping ring system. Since we grow Fraser Fir's we have the raw materials available so the boughs are always fresh. Our Fraser Fir wreaths are made with a small mix of White Pine that is added one sprig every other clip. All of the wreaths are undecorated, please contact us for sources of decorations and ribbons. Our garland is made by hand. Each bough is cut to the correct length and carefully added to the solid wire core. Most of our garland is made in 50 foot coils (that's heavy enough for one person to carry!).  We can make special lengths if you request them.  The Garland is make with a 17 gauge core wire, and weighs about 35 pounds per coil.  
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We sell Boughs by the pound or by the ton. We cut boughs from natural trees, from unsheared Christmas trees and from the bottoms of harvested Christmas Trees. We like to cut boughs that have a natural tip so they are better for making wreaths. The boughs are cut no longer than 24 inches. They are packaged in bundles that weigh between 18 and 40 pounds. (It varies because we have many bough cutters who work under different field conditions.) When we ship the boughs, we weigh the bough bundles separately or weigh an entire truck load. We accept orders as low as 50 pounds.
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